Testing, again. I’ve been off-line for a month.

My Blog is back. It’s been off-line for weeks because of a screwup with the DNS pointers. If you don’t know what that means, Count Your Lucky Stars.

Get yourself to onechange.org. After months and months of thankless work, our little team of talented and dedicated volunteers is about to give nearly a million dollars in Hydro savings back to my neighbourhood (Ottawa South). We start to deliver up to 50,000 free compact fluorescent light bulbs this weekend. Project Porchlight, baby. It’s Change Within Reach.

It’s SO GOOD TO BE BACK. I’ve been giving media interviews all week and I need a place where I can speak freely. Again, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

Please stay tuned. Come to the Porchlight launch this weekend. (October 29, 11AM Giant Tiger parking lot 2480 Walkley Rd.) We’re gonna change a lot of bulbs, and show people that what they do does matter. Oh, and there will be live music, treats, a freakin’ huge inflatable yellow tiger.

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