I’m waiting for my light bulbs to arrive today. One hundred of them, boxed in beautiful Porchlight packaging. This is the first teaser shipment of the 49,900 that will follow. Project Porchlight is lurching ahead toward its October 29 launch. There’ll be a Giant Tiger, a ton of coal, a brass band, and (hopefully) lots of people who know that anyone can make a change. Our new Web site will be launched next week. Meanwhile, check out It’s still just sinking in how an idea became a movement that has attracted so many great people, and so much support. It scares the heck out of me. And that’s being polite.

Speaking of scared…
I almost lost Jasper this weekend. Twice. On Friday evening we were out for a bike ride on a route we’ve taken dozens of times. He was goofing around and lost control, crossed the narrow grass median between the sidewalk and the road and fell into oncoming traffic. There was nothing I could do. The driver of the Honda Accord stopped just in time. He looked like a ghost.

On Saturday he went missing at Home Depot. My big little five-year-old wanted to sit on the lawn tractors; I was buying compact fluorescent bulbs (again). Sheesh. I don’t remember crying and hugging him so much since he came home from the NICU (the last time we almost lost him). But that’s another story.

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