A new year. Yeah, whatever.

My wife who hates to be referred to like that says I’ve gone negative even before Harper. And I have no secret agenda. But I do have a new notebook. A “Moleskin” palm-sized hardcover book with a faux-leather cover and elastic. Blank pages. I chose this over a similar one with lines as an act of defiance. “Don’t fence me in!”

I bought the over-priced scribbler to capture content for this new site, to kickstart writing again. See, I’m grouchy when I don’t write. And it’s been 3 months. Keep your distance.

Day One. Observations:

  • Christmas stuff is 50% off everywhere, but I just can’t bring myself to buy. I was tempted by a pile of fake cardinals and sparrows with wire feet to attach to the tree, but I think it was more pity than product lust. I resisted and fled.
  • My office made January 2 a mandatory work day on a statutory holiday. I think I will expense the toonie I had to give the homeless person who accosted me on the empty street as I was waiting to be let into our locked office tower downtown.
  • A question: What do you do with the handmade tree decorations that friends give you, of gaily painted coffee cup lids with pictures of their kids?
  • Another question: It’s January. Are six-pack abs genetic? BTW, I LOST weight this Christmas! Ha!
  • A family friend was booted off E-Bay for buying too many shoes.

Got a new year resolution I can criticise? Lemme know. You’ll probably break it by January 23, just in time to head to the polls to decide the future of Canada. Joy.

I guess I am a bit down. It didn’t help that I was blowing my nose in the washroom at the stroke of midnight 2006, or that my first meal of the year was at McDonalds. My five-year-old says, “Doo-do, do-do-dooo, I’m Lovin’ It” every time we drive by the golden arches, and I despair.

At least I’m writing again.

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