Baked Alaska

It’s been hot here. My face is tingly from the sun. I’m just a little south of Whitehorse. This is Alaska.

Since arriving here Wednesday, I’ve been on three small bush planes flying over 10,000-ft mountains, cruised to towering glaciers on silty teal-green fjords, flown on a float plane over the Baker ice field and landed in a remote glacier bay, seen bears, mountain goats, sea lions, humpback whales. I’ve been nearly tossed overboard on 12′ seas in a tiny fishing boat, and eaten more salmon than I have in the past year. When I close my eyes, I can feel rolling. It’s either the turbulence or the rough seas. Or maybe the fact that it’s 2AM in Ottawa and I’m still feeling the time change.

The other writers are cool. And, I’ve got a tan. Alaska’s awesome.

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