Bergy bit, Dead Ahead!!

It’s a good tired. Since my last post, I flew in a wee De Haviland Beaver over the Chugha mountain range to the interior of Wrangell Elias National Park. We stayed at America’s last frontier town and former copper mining community of McCarthy, a dusty strip of road with an original brothel/lodge (where we stayed) and saloon. The horses were replaced with ATVs, and I really doubt that the original settlers in 1910 had saffron-infused shrimp skewers on the menu. Yummy. We hiked on a glacier with crampons (definitely required) and drank from the crystal-blue runoff.

Today we drove to Valdez, arriving just in time for a quick trip to out on Prince William Sound to Shoup glacier for some sea kayaking. A pod of killer whales chased us. The glacier calved. It was awesome. I’m using that word too often lately.

One of the other writers on this trip, 68-year-old world traveller Lynn Ferrin (from San Francisco), turned to me when we got out of our kayaks and we both just started laughing. Two writers at a loss for words. Awesome.

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