Light a Candle for Porchlight

The Energy Star conference was a great success. The awards dinner was a glittering affair in the Imperial Room at the Royal York. This year’s award recipients include Whirlpool Canada, Home Depot and, you guessed it, Project Porchlight. The next day I cut loose a bit during my presentation to the plenary session and let myself talk idealistically about how we’re turning light bulbs into symbols of hope, change, empowerment. I thought, heck, what do I have to lose? The response was a bilzzard of business cards. At least four other major utilities and three provincial conservation authorities want to discuss running Porchlight campaigns. That felt good. Feet under me again.

Meanwhile, the Ottawa saga continues. The Sponsor wrote this week, “… we remain commited to the city-wide campaign.” I’m not sure what this means. We’re meeting tomorrow between 11 and 1. They’re providing lunch. Hopefully it won’t be bittersweet.

Which reminds me, I’ve distracted my mind a bit this weekend by cooking. I’ve never cooked Asian before, so I surprised myself yesterday by putting together a tasty spicy pork loin and rice vermicelli dish with fresh vegetables and home-made hot chili/peanut sauce. It was Very Good. It made me happy. The recipe came from Basic Asian, a cookbook Suzy gave me for Christmas. Jasper and I had gone to the Kowloon Market to get the fresh ingredients. I was somewhat shocked by fish sauce; it smelled like rotting crab. An elderly asian man pointed out the right brand to buy by pointing and giving a thumbs-up with a toothless, wrinkled-face grin. I took it as high praise. And the stuff rocks with pork, though Jasper said the house smelled like hot old socks.

Today I took the kids to the park to meet Juergen and Julie and their two kids Helena (7) and Josef (3). Alex, Claudette and Sacha (3) joined us. Then Juergen put the finishing touches on an electric hub motor on my old ’89 hybrid bike and I hit the road! Get yours here! Riding electric is an amazing experience, especially on a weekend when I need the wind in my hair yet don’t have the strength to pedal.

Suzy says my chest pains are anxiety. Stay tuned.

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