Like a glacier

Jasper was up all night throwing up. Suzy says it was eight times. I lost track. Then in the morning while Suzy was at the gym, Simon has two creamy butt-to-ankle poos — in one hour. Just before my 15-hour trip. Jasper was still sick, by this time asleep, so I raced to the airport in a cab for the noon flight and sat on the Ottawa tarmac for an hour.

Early observations of the Alaska Odyssey:

  • Chicago O’Hare was incredibly busy. There’s a McDonald’s every 100m in that airport; everybody’s eating burgers and huge fries. Between Chicago and Seattle the guy next to me saw that I was reading an environmental book (more on this later), and volunteered proudly that he had just changed his porch light to a CF bulb.
  • Walking into Seattle terminal was a breath of fresh mountain air. Many fewer suits, slower walking, tattoos and tie-dye. West Coast.
  • I slept half of the two-hour flight to Juneau and woke up to mountains and snow and an airport like Charlottetown’s. The only things missing were the Anne posters and the Japanese girls.

Now I’m at the Best Western Grandma Inn in a four-poster feather bed watching Jennifer Aniston on the Late Show. Time for sleep. The Alaska adventure starts in the morning (thankfully afternoon Ottawa time).

15 hours from door to four-poster.

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