No Royalty Here. Just Royalties.

The link is right at the top of the page. “Got a Problem?” Yeah, I think I killed Jasper’s sea monkeys.

Suzy, Jasper, Simon and I went to Kingston this week for an overnight stay at the Ambassador hotel. The Ambassador reminded me of the Moncton Keddy’s Motor Inn I frequented with busloads of other homesick kids on band trips in the 1980s. The hotel was fine, basic. Empty bar fridges. We picked it for the waterslide. And spent some time in the park by the Lake Ontario waterfront. The apple trees were resplendent.

I went to Kingston to make a brief presentation about Project Porchlight with energy efficiency guru Bill Kemp at Queens University. I love Bill’s talk about climate change and energy; it’s at once uplifting and horrifying. $20/l gas gives us all something to look forward to!

We got home to a quiet house. Puddy was fine. But Jasper went straight to the sea monkey tank.

I had no idea that Sea Monkeys (note caps) have become an industry. They’ve jumped from the back page of Marvel comics and are now available at “finer toy stores.” You can buy different “environments” for your sea monkeys. They must only be propagated in bottled, filtered water (we had to buy some). Sea Monkey accessories are also widely available.

Just don’t ignore them, or overfeed them. And they don’t really wear crowns. I remember that being the biggest disappointment I felt when I killed my first generation of the little critters, decades ago. I hope to do better this time with Jasper’s. Stay tuned to see.

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