I don’t use that word very often. In fact, I’m not sure it’s spelled correctly. My reluctance on righteous probably stems from my shadowy religious upbringing. If I close my eyes and concentrate I can still smell communion juice (never wine, always Welches), and pew stiffness quickly creeps into my back.

It’s also odd to have become an evangelist, despite no longer believing in Noah. I’ve spent the past two months going church to mosque to Sai centre addressing congregations about hope and light-bulbs. It’s fun. Compact fluorescents are universally good. Porchlight is working with Faith and the Common Good. Kristina drives a Smart Car; it can hold 400 CFLs (and driver).

Things are changing. Leaving a director job at a marketing agency and then travelling to Alaska have made me realize that the happiest times in my life had one thing in common: I had less stuff. I’m a very impatient person, so I have to pace my downsizing and get some satisfaction from little changes:

  1. Yesterday was my first hassle-free commute on my old bike (now retrofitted with an electric power-assist motor. Get one.);
  2. I save 20 cents/day (and cut waste) by carrying a coffee mug and buying at Bridgehead instead of my old *bucks;
  3. My new work space is a tiny room of the Vrtucar office, on the third floor of a walk-up on MacLaren Street. It’s simple. All right.

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