The hills are alive with to-do lists

High on a hill lived a lonely goatherd.”

  • Write sponsor letters.
  • Call Giant Tiger about media kits.
  • Send the PM package.

“That men will want to write on.
To-o-o write on…”

  • Send the revised budget to Suzanne.
  • Call Globe about the bulb boxes in Shanghai.

“Timid and shy and scared are you. Of things beyond your ken.”

  • Prepare for meeting with Mayor at 2.
  • Follow up to press release.

“Fellows I meet may tell me I’m sweet and willingly I believe.”

  • Call McGuinty, Baird, Poilievre.

“A prince on the bridge of a castle moat-er”

  • Review final Hydro contract for signing meeting tomorrow.

“Folks in a town that was quite remote-er.”

  • Get back to Cleveland Porchlight guy.

“Happy are they, lady-oh, lady-ee-oh.”

  • Call Hammy about getting back into therapy?

“Men drinking beer with a foam a float-er.”

  • Find out if booze is ok during detox diet.

“Change every light bulb! On every street. Line up very sponsor! Till you find dream!”

  • OK, that’s a stretch.

(How is it possible that I’ve met another Suzanne who travels with a copy of The Sound of Music?)

Please send tune suggestions! No heavy metal, please, Dan. Zac’s Yo La Tengo suggestion is great. New to me!

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