Time. Change.

Alaska is four hours behind Eastern Time. Since getting home last Thursday, this fact has made midnight productive but mornings a mess. I tookJasper to school this morning in a fog on a clear day. Then I headed into town to my first day in my new office and didn’t know where it was. Project Porchlight is now renting space from Vrtucar on MacLaren St. just around the corner from a Bridgehead with free wireless Internet and expensive fair trade coffee. Which is Virtuous with an i.

Alaska has me thinking about what kind of life I want, and more confident that I could have whatever life I choose. It’s at once comforting and alarming to be so happy when travelling with all my possessions in a bag that fits in an overhead bin. The challenge is the fact that all my possessions are not all I need. My increasing longing for a simpler life has to include my wife and kids.

Henry David Thoreau said, “Simplify. Simplify.” But he lived alone in his cabin. My Walden’s rented to tourists.

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