Tonight, at Walden Cabin

It’s 30C in the shade of the earth (aka night). And almost too dark to type with the lights off. I’d light a candle but am afraid of the heat buildup.There’s no a-c at Walden. And that’s fine. A fan hums above me in the loft, stirring the air up there before I head up to bed. It’s 5C hotter there. Maybe I will have that beer.

Jasper is asleep on the sofa behind me, exhausted after another day in the woods and at the MacPhee farm across the Dock Road. His little friends Megan (8) and Christie (11) keep him running, chasing barn kittens and exploring the hill and, well, they have a pool too. I played lifeguard this afternoon after a few hours of writing.

What the heck am I doing sitting at this computer? From the front porch here at Walden Andromeda rises high in Cassiopeia in the north east — a smudge of 200 billion suns — easy to spot in these rural skies. The Trifid Nebula in Sagittarius is also an easy target.

But I’m staring at a screen. And it’s midnight. So I think I’ll go to bed. My snoozing son rises when the shadow breaks on a new day on our favorite PEI hill. And it’s supposed to be another scorcher.

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