A blog a day keeps Stuart sane

We’re back blogging. No more tears. It was sunny today. I planted grass, raked. Listened to the Montreal Jubilation Choir on a mini disc that Iburned 3 years ago – and have forgotten how. Then I balked again at iPod, even with Dan urging me on. Jasper hosted his first annual “Best Plane Festival.” Five kids showed up. We made paper airplanes from on-line patterns. The last new design I’d learned before today predates the space shuttle.

Porchlight’s growing. 26,000 bulbs out in 10 days. About a dozen strangers showed up at the new office today to volunteer to deliver light bulbs. It’s astonishing, really. 8:15 am on a Saturday and behold there’s someone waiting at the locked office to hand out bulbs. Someday in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good. God, I need some new tunes.

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