Caught in the headlights

The Porchlight launch was a success last week. Mag Ruffman was super — animated, self-deprecating, irreverent. But the media in Ottawa is taking a “been there, done that” approach. That’s fine. We got such good coverage of our test campaign last year that I can understand it if we don’t get on the editorial page again.

The Ottawa campaign is just beginning, but it’s really over. The hardest part was getting it going, quitting my job, losing the first contract to get this program going, then rebuilding it within weeks. And now that we have surpassed 30,000 bulbs delivered since last week (!), more than we delivered in 8 weeks in 2005, it’s time to think of other cities, other opportunities. Yes, that’s fatigue on my face, and relief. Yukon, and Cleveland, and PEI, here we come!

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