JD in the Crisp-er

OK, so that last post (below) is a bit grim. Thanks for calling. Maudlin and self-indulgent fall far short of suicidal. Besides, I’m too busy to be self-destructive; I’ve got 100,000 more bulbs to distribute!

One e-mail this morning was different. It seems I’ve inadvertently restored a part of my old Walden site that is popular and shocking. It’s definitely sweet, and hot. Old Sister-in-law (see also below) is single. On the prowl. And she’s threatening me unless I take down the offending web page. So it’s coming down tonight! See if you can find it! Big prizes! You have 10 hours. Go-ogle!

JD has sent some alternate photos (one posted above). I figured that among the options she sent, posting the one with the cute guy on the beach would be best to stimulate competition and interest among JD’s fellow prowlers. It’s a wild wild Web.

This just in! The person who finds the picture of JD she’s obsessed about and posts the link in the comments below wins a box of Count Chocula cereal.

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