Margaret’s Project Rake

Suzy brought Canadian Living home last month. The pumpkin pie on the cover sucked me in, but it was article on Margaret Atwood’s “no-holds-barred approach to energy conservation” that caught my attention. My heart leapt when, a few paragraphs in, the interviewer asked, “If we gave you a magic wand and you could make one change to Canadian society, what would it be?”

One change. A great idea for a campaign. Someone should do that.

Then Ms. Atwood said “…let’s ban leaf blowers.”

Celebrities are so hard to reach. I wish I could just call Ms. Atwood up and tell her about Porchlight. I think she’d like it. Notwithstanding her stature and accolades, she’s really got her work cut out for her getting people to use rakes.

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