Who we want, when

Someone said Margaret Atwood may not be the best spokesperson for our friendly neighbourhood bulb campaign. I read somewhere that she will only do interviews with people dressed in red; Porchlight’s colours are blue and green. Damn.

So that leaves us Sarah Harmer, Jim Bryson. No reply yet from Sarah’s agent. Alanis Morisette would be great, although I betray my uncoolness when I refer to her only as Alanis, her pre-Jagged Pill self. Even I had big hair back then. Another person suggested Dan Ackroyd for his Ottawa connection, but I immediately think he’d be better at slinging drinks than bulbs. I’ve been wrong before. Many times. Suzy regularly calls me a Pop Culture Pauper and points to my comment on Oscar night recently when I said I’d never heard of Million Dollar Baby. I still haven’t seen it. Have you?

Ottawa has a real lack of star power. I like Max Keeping (I think; he’s done good stuff for the children’s hospital), but I want a rocker. We had Alex Munter as a host last year, but he’s so sour lately and, well, I’ve learned to shut up about politics. Then again, the hell with that. It’s a free country! “I hereby endorse (CENSORED BY PRIME CONTRIBUTOR) for Mayor of Ottawa.”

Sam Roberts appeals to me. He’s got big hair, and it’s cool. Or, at least he used to a few years ago. I haven’t checked lately. But isn’t he from Monteal? People are cool there. I think. Eh bain.

Speaking of which, photo is of the rockin’ new outdoor shower at Walden Cabin. Nuthin’ like getting naked in the woods to wash away silly worries.

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