Wild Weekend Planned

Project Porchlight is holding a volunteer appreciation event on Saturday. We’re going to have pumpkin carving, a band, 100 black-light CFL bulbs to give away, and two (2) mascots. We’ve got the Hydro Ottawa PowerWise Owl, and the Giant Tiger. When I told someone recently that the Giant Tiger mascot was coming, he actually said, “Yeah, I’ve seen that big yellow cat before; what’s the Giant Tiger mascot called?”

These events are lots of fun, but we’ve never had more than one mascot before. How will the PowerWise Owl and the Giant Tiger get along? Will there be territorial fights? Some scratching? Growling? It’s possible.

Above: Underdressed PowerWise Owl explains benefits of CFLs to Sean Boileau in the Porchlight office.

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