Laser oblation

I’m not sure I’ve spelled that correctly. And I don’t have time to check. In 45 minutes a surgeon is going to burn off a few microns of my corneas to affect how light comes to a point in the back of my eye. Right now (and since age 12) my genetic eye shape has light coming to a sharp point just short of my retina. I’m near sighted. In an hour, after just 1 minute of laser treatment per eye, the genetic flaw in my eyes will be fixed. I hope.

They call it laser oblation. The last time I heard this it was being used on Suzy’s placenta to try to save our twins in utero. I’m told my procedure this afternoon will cause discomfort for up to 4 days, and that I should stay in bed for the first 24 hours with a cold compress on my face. Suzy’s laser surgery failed. I think I can handle stinging eyes.

I’ll be off the ‘net for a few precious days of listening to podcasts. Here’s to forced downtime!! And No More Glasses! YEAH!

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