Sight. Vision.

OK, I’ll stop talking about it after tonight. Four days after my eye surgery, the opthalmologist pushes back on her rolly stool from her little specs thing shining into my shiny new eyes and says, “Scary.”

“You just read the line we call ‘Impossible.'”

Last week I couldn’t see the alarm clock without glasses. This week I have “25% better than normal human vision.” Borderline bionic!

Not since I discovered Thoreau have I found an author that I think could influence my future career so much. And Thomas Homer-Dixon is alive. What grabbed me is this “A central characteristic of societies that successfully adapt is their ability to produce and deliver useful ideas (or what I call “ingenuity”) to meet the demands placed on them by worsening environmental problems.” I’m going to pick up the Ingenuity Gap tomorrow. Funny, though, is how the author uses an old fashioned bulb on the cover of his book and in his site.

Thoreau headed for the hills. This guy’s at U of T.

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