Do you hear what I hear?

I loved the e-mail from the guy who said he was inspired to cut a Christmas tree down in Sweden because of this web site (even though it’s illegal to do so there). This reminded me of my neighbour the philosopher prof who, upon learning about Project Porchlight, advised me that if my dream of changing a bulb in every house in Canada came true, I would have to live with the unintended and inevitable consequences: “Stuart. Statistically speaking, it’s likely that someone will fall off a ladder and die. Are you prepared for this?”

Checking my web stats today, I noticed that Walden was linked from a randy porn site. Someone clearly got tired of (or finished with) scantily clad babes in furry santa suits (I can only imagine) and decided to take a wholesome trip to the woods. Naughty. Nice.

Speaking of carnal cravings, Suzy sent me a note this afternoon that she’d bought groceries and was thinking of making something “meaty” for dinner. Funny, just an hour earlier I’d caught myself longingly handling a large sausage in the deli near work as I waited for my prociutto and marinated eggplant sandwich. I love spicy red meat and ripe Rochfort at Christmas.

Thank you to all of you who have been writing to say nice things about my posts written from Walden Cabin. You will note that I’m back in the city now and am in a transition phase. Hence the food filler. Really, though, comments and e-mails make up for the super slow dial-up speed encountered by candlelight while trying to post to a blog from the woods of PEI. Frustration and fallen trees in Sweden are consequences I can live with. But be sure. If a tree falls in Stockholm, we will all hear it, Roncevaux!

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