The real record

The last time the Liberals chose a leader, I was in PEI. I heard Bono say “The world needs more Canada” in my car in the Zeller’s parking lot. It was an electifying moment. The Lowest Price is the Law. But I had doubts. I’m no political genius, but I felt strongly that Paul Martin would not work out. Now I’m in PEI again, listening to Michael Ignatief’s leadership speech on CBC in the cabin. Jasper is snoring in the loft. And the window here at the desk is being licked by freezing rain.

Iggy’s not the guy.

I love reading the Walden Guest Book. For some reason, this place inspires great guest prose. Dan wrote, “The loft is comfortable, and the skylight genius. Would that I could have spent many more nighttime hours witnessing the stars’ slow shuffle overhead.”

Mary wrote, “Your welcoming cabin reminded me of the Walden cabin I shared with (husband) Ron until his death this winter. We have a drop leaf dining table identical to yours, a desk just like yours, snowshoes on the wall, the same edition of the Webster’s Dictionary (for our many Scrabble games). … Spending time at your Walden brought a renewed sense of peace.”

Vanessa wrote, “It took a couple of days to get accustomed to the fact that the grunts and groans I was hearing were not my cell phone on vibrate, rather the friendly cows down the road.”

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