Tips, hints and predictions 2007

Note to renters: To keep the pipes from freezing overnight, leave the taps on just a bit. It just doesn’t feel right, but water drawn from a well and drained to septic isn’t waste, just filtration. The tinkle in the catch of the drain can be annoying in the wee hours from the loft bunk. Just remember, people in the city pay big bucks for water features.

Charlottetown MP Shawn Murphy’s office called me today at work. I was hoping it was about Porchlight. And fearing it was about my Hunter River micro-hydro rant (below). Turns out I’m invited to the MP’s Parliament Hill Islander Brunch this week. 21 years “away” and I get my first invitation to an Islander gathering. I hope they serve spuds. I’m bringing bulbs.

On the flight back from PEI, Jasper and I had a stop in Montreal. Trudeau airport is a cruel wasteland on a 3-hour layover with an energetic but overtired 6-year-old boy. We found a small restaurant and pub and half-way into a pint I figured something out: I think I’d like to live in Montreal.

Here’s why:

  • It’s not PEI. I love my birth Island, but wanting to live there always washes over me like a wave–hits me hard and then quickly recedes.
  • It’s not Ottawa. We want to move out of our snoreville ’60s suburban Alta Vista neighbourhood, but if we’re gonna move, I think we should leave town. You only live once.
  • It’s closer to PEI. A 90 minute direct flight, three times per day. Weekend visits!
  • It’s not far from Ottawa. A 90 minute drive to Ottawa. Weekend visits!
  • Jasper could continue school in French. I could finally perfect mine. Yesterday morning in bed, I pitched this fledgling plan to Suzy. I said that not being fully bilingual was “something that holds me back professionally.” She said, “When has it?” I said, “I haven’t run for Parliament yet.” I blame Elizabeth. Suzy covered her head with a pillow.
  • Montreal is hip. I’m not. But there’s hope by close association, even if it’s sovereignty association.
  • Maybe living in a French environs will help me overcome my resentment of all things French (which isn’t actually so bad now that I’ve pretty well determined that it’s a sentiment based in simple jealousy. I can have my gateau and eat crow too).

And, well …

Today I spent three hours with a guy from Montreal who represents a group of business leaders (who are famous but who shall remain nameless, for now) who want to expand my little light bulb campaign in a big way across la belle province. Once again, the stars may be aligning.

But it’s the hipness and the quick hop to PEI that I really like.

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