Card 4 U

The new Apple iPhone is out ( drooling ). The landfills are gonna be full of Blackberries. What a waste. Anyway, I just can’t see myself typing with my thumbs. If I have to learn a new way to communicate, I’d rather perfect my French. Some of our Porchlight staff were “texting” about our project. Apparently there was a real bzz about the blb prjct.

Now before I run out drop $500 on an iPhone this summer, I have a plan. I want to write more cards and letters by hand. I used to do this all the time. When I went to university in France (1987!) I used to send and receive up to 20 letters per week. All in English, of course. I’d like to blame this for my unpolished French, but it was actually the wine. Nowadays I don’t even know people’s mailing addresses. And it seems I never, ever get an old fashioned letter. I miss it.

So here’s the deal. Send me your snail mail address and I’ll send you a card. Maybe you’ll be inclined to reciprocate. And together we will rediscover a revolutionary way to communicate that costs just 51 cents. iNcredible.

Go ahead, send me your address.

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