If small is the new big…

Today I dropped by the Vrtucar office on MacLaren Street. It’s where I landed with Suzanne Boileau after my spectacular fall from my Director of Writing job at gordongroup last spring. I say “fall” because I’d quit that job to run Porchlight and then Porchlight fell apart. We’d already hired Suzanne as Operations Manager for the campaign (which was suddenly cancelled) so we kept her on to help put the plan back together. Don’t let anyone tell you that Humpty can’t be reassembled.

We worked for the summer together in a 10′ x 10′ room. I found a 1999 Dell laptop used on-line and Suzanne brought her own computer. She used the computer desk in the room and I had a little round table. It was a great time.

All this came rushing back today when I stopped in at Vrtucar to pick up a key so I could take a loaner car on a shopping trip. I bought two new laptops today so four of our team could work on our upcoming bulb project trips to Guelph, Thunder Bay and Whitehorse. We’re thinking of getting Porchlight parkas.

I liked those days in the 10′ x 10′ room. At the time, I saw that place as a way to get somewhere else. But it was a good place too. I will remember this when we’re mushing with sleds full of CFLs.

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