Phew! Mad fun.

Ever since Australia announced a ban on incandescent bulbs, the phone’s been ringing off the hook. Suzy’s fielding calls from Yukon where she’s helping to deliver 10,000 bulbs. We’ve done interviews with The National Post, Toronto Star and CBC/RDI. This afternoon I’m live on the air on NewsTalk radio stations in Kitchener and Windsor. Suddenly, everyone wants to jump on the bulb bandwagon.

Yesterday I pressed the ban issue with Environment Minister John Baird. Today at 3:45 I’ll do the same with Opposition Leader Stephane Dion. Tonight we meet the Barenaked Ladies back stage to get photos of the boys with our bulbs. Fully dressed.

We say, Canada should follow Australia and ban incandescent bulbs. Not tomorrow, but in 2010. That then gives us lots of time to help people make the transition from the 130-year-old technology to the responsible lighting choice. It’s all very exciting. And a bit tiring. I gave an Ottawa Citizen interview last night at 8:30PM with Simon on my knee with a full diaper. The article is on page one today, and it doesn’t stink.

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