We wee

I’m back from Whitehorse and Calgary. Suzy’s now in Whitehorse. She gets back Saturday, and Sunday I leave for Winnipeg and Calgary. St. John’s may be next. Washington again in March. I’ve started collecting frequent flyer points and now know why people who travel lots don’t cash them in. When you can stop, you do. All’s good. Just a bit tired. Jasper’s getting tall; I find it hard to carry him up stairs to be at night these days — lack of exercise on my part and 65 lb on his. He will always be my little boy.

Tonight he asked me about Angus (his identical twin who died a few hours after they were born). He was wondering how we would have told them apart. I said “tattoos.” Then he cried a bit, saying he really missed Angus. That’s really tough to witness. But I think he really just misses Suzy and is a bit befuddled by all the coming and going lately. He’s not alone.

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