Nice to be back. Thanks for stopping by.

I got sucked into Facebook about a month ago. I honestly didn’t know I had 60-some friends. Yet, strangely, I’m not comforted by the fact. Sure, it’s nice to know where Don is, and what he’s up to. The last memory I have of Don (not his real name), was in a ditch along a grain field in PEI. We’d found some cast-off Playboys next to an old plow after church and were positively giddy. That was 1975. Now he’s a plumber. I wonder if he subscribes. Or if he walks along tractor paths with his kids. And even remembers. These days we both list either “agnostic” or “observing” under Religion.

I’m thinking of signing off Facebook, turning back to Blog. I’m old school at heart. Dan‘s waiting to see which way the wind blows. Wise. What would be really cool is if a facebook backlash started. Somebody get busy on that. I’m still bound up with bulbs.

Whoo – this is a lot of writing. I’m rusty. First post in 3 months, the longest gap in this blogger’s posts since 2001. Tonight I’m burning the boxwood branches I’ve had on my desk since that summer. Just a coincidence, really. The shrub that became my desk ornament has finally grown back enough to trim again (more selectively this time). It’s time for a fresh start and better choices.

If you’re still coming here to read this, despite the silence, you’re a real friend. Thanks.

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