Soft onions stuffed in the cavity

I’m really proud of my headstands. I’m damn good at them.

I also enjoy fire – just about anywhere. I used to set the backyard ablaze in PEI, back when all the neighbours had two-acre yards that had been converted from potato fields. We lost more tree seedlings to wildfires! Nowadays I’d love to have a backyard fire here in Ottawa, but it’s subject to bylaws and is officially known as a “controlled burn” – and you need a permit. ( sigh ) I fear that Jasper will never experience the searing joy of beating a line of grassfire back with an aluminum spade.

This weekend I discovered that cranberry sauce is easy to make. Why would anyone buy canned cranberry sauce, when organic fresh cranberries are everywhere and all you do is boil equal parts cranberry, brown sugar and water in a sauce pan until they pop. Then add orange rind to taste. Great on toast.

And another thing: If you snip the skin of a chicken to stuff in the fresh rosemary and garlic, close the hole (to prevent the breast from drying) by sticking the rosemary stalk through both sides of the cut and twist the branch to close. It even looks good.

Suzy said she’d read somewhere this weekend that modern turkeys are nothing like what we ate even 30 years ago. They’re bred quickly and are less gamey now. In other words, fat and bland with little dark meat. Did you notice that? So little dark meat! And even if you do dig it, it doesn’t really taste different anymore.

It’s been an interesting weekend. Last night someone said she thought Nicholas Cage was cool. I said, “But what about that whole Lisa Marie Presley thing?” I really feel that was poor judgment.

“Well, really,” went the reply, “wouldn’t you marry her if you had the chance, just for the novelty?” No. She may be Elvis’ kid, but she’d been with Michael Jackson by then. ew

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