Home. Work.

Suzy’s been away since Friday morning, in Calgary helping out with the Alberta campaign. I took the opportunity to throw stuff out. I found an entire box of curtains in the linen closet, taken down last from our apartment on James St. in 1999. The box also included the stars and moons shower curtain that Suzy used to have in her Powell Ave apartment. That was before we moved in together in 1997.

I was shocked to find this stuff. Right there on the shelf of the linen closet, in plain view. Taking. Up. Space.

Shock subsided to glee. I Love getting rid of stuff I’m not using. It’s my new obsession.

This is also the second week in a row that I’ve fired someone at work. That’s only partly related, and a totally separate blog post.

The front hall of the house is piled with stuff that I will drop off at Neighbourhood Services en route to work tomorrow, hours before Suzy gets home. The weird thing is, aside from writing about it here, she’s unlikely to notice the missing stuff. Which means I have more work to do.

Simplify. Simplify.

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