3 ft from happy

It’s sunny today. The snow has dropped by about 18″, enough now to reveal the top of the forsythia bushes on the south side of the house. We can see the Christmas lights again from the road. The back yard is another matter; I’m sure there’s a patio set out there. I’m kind of hoping someone’s stolen it.


I should go outside, but I feel greasy and unmotivated. I’m taking vitamin D when I should be sitting in the sun. The chairs are buried. Usually when I feel this way I cheer myself up by getting rid of stuff. There’s also a toilet to fix. I could do that.

Simon and I are going for a swim, and then there’s a show by The Acorn tonight at the Blacksheep Inn. The good news is I know I will feel better soon, as soon as I can get outside. Like, after turning off this laptop.

Mouse update:

I forgot to mention in my last post that when Suzy screamed for me to come up stairs to save her from the mouse she yelled, “Bring the trap!” as if all I would have to do is put the little Victor on the ground and the varmint would run right to it. It was like the time she called me at work to demand I come home because a sparrow had flown into the house. Jasper still has a bear called Hero, given to him later that day by Suzy because he solved the crisis by opening the front door.

Simple actions matter. I’ll be happier once I stand up and stretch in the sunlight.


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