Close but not quite

It’s time to refocus. I’ve been quite preoccupied by the Project over the past two years. And now it’s time to restore some balance. The tipping point was just reached today when it occurred to me that just last week I’d come within 10km of Walden (the real, original one) in MA, and it didn’t occur to me to exit the I90 for a look-see. I’d rented a car for the 2-hour trip between Springfield and Boston and I just drove right by Concord at 70MPH singing along at the top of my lungs to 80s tunes to sap the stress.

For years I’ve been looking forward to a chance to visit the original source of Thoreau‘s transcendentalist philosophy, the place that inspired my own cabin in the woods. And yet I just drove by. It seriously didn’t cross my mind that I was even close. I have totally lost touch.

It’s time to exit the freeway for a while and take the back roads a bit. The snow is melting at my Walden and this summer I’m gonna go Simplify a bit.

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