Miles to go

I’ve decided to take three days off this week. Wed-Friday. Since this option occurred to me this morning, I’ve been positively giddy. Now I can do stuff that’s fallen behind, way behind. Here’s a quick list:

  • Sort socks. I just keep buying more when I need clean pairs. The result is two laundry basket-fuls of almost-matching black socks. The worst part is that the kind that is most numerous also includes several with a hole in the toe that is only visible when you put them on. Trial and error and trial again!
  • Fix the toilet. We have two at home. Due to a leak in the tank of the one on the ground floor (inside the ceramic is stamped Oct 1966), we have had to flush with a bucket of water – Since November.
  • Rake. I bought the last rake for sale in Ottawa yesterday. Canadian Tire and Walmart were sold out and I nabbed the last one at Home Depot. Seriously.
  • Fix this blog.
  • Rent the cottage and cabin. Know of anyone who wants a nice rental place in PEI? Please pass the word.
  • Run. I just did my third 5k run in 10 days and I feel great. Suzy says I’m going to injure myself, but I feel like a million bucks at about 4k, so I gotta keep going there.
  • Find the power cable for this laptop. It’s about to die, again, so I’d better log off. Besides, the compost needs turning and it’s been a while and it’s still sunny out so I’d better go.

It’s recover balance week at Walden. Stay tuned for more updates.


PS – Mark, I’m waiting for the cabin pics. $5US is in the mail if you send ’em!

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