Sunday night’s all right

I’m happier when I write here. It’s weird.

So I’m going to try to do it more. ’cause I want to be happy. or -ier. Or is it more happy. Frack.

Today I swept out the carport shed. Lots of mouse turd. Puddy sniffed at me with greater attention when I came in. Gross. Jasper and I went to Zellers last night and stocked up on Sens hats and shirts in anticipation of tomorrow night’s game (we have nosebleed seats). Baseball hats with hockey logos. After we got home and all tried on the hats Suzy told me Maria from Simon’s daycare called to report lice. Nice. So between the mouse ass and the lice head it’s been a Day for obsessive compulsive types. Doesn’t explain why my arms are feeling itchy.

After baths tonight I heard a clicking noise upstairs. Then Suzy came running down. She’d seen a “rice-sized thing” on Simon’s head. Thankfully it turned out to be a toenail. No nits yet, nitwit.

Simon helped me all day. We cleaned out the basement (two station-wagon loads of stuff we weren’t using went to Salvation Army, including two large bags of kids books — more than one person could carry at once.) It’s hard to give up “Love You Forever,” but when you have three copies … And Suzy yanked Maisy’s Colours from the bag. That’s what we used to read to Jasper for his “let’s read a book” when we were really, really tired.






After ten loads of laundry and more cleaning, Simon and I played soccer in the carport — now wonderfully empty save for a pile of stuff en route out. He had me doing Mario moves, a cross between the Running Man and the macarena, when I got a goal past the Little Monk. It took me a minute but apparently “Mario moves” comes from Wii. And if you don’t know what that means, just fuhgettaboutit.

Jasper was at a friend’s house this afternoon. When he got home I had supper ready and was looking somewhat harried, heading out for a run, when he said,

“Dad, just go out and get drunk. Take it easy.” I actually thought, well, my kid told me to, so… But then I ran my lung scorching 3k and came home to chicken and wild rice. And no lice.


And so ends my most Boring blog post ever.

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