This little light of mine…

I have a New Idea. But it’s too early to talk about it in detail here. Let’s just say that it brings together my past, my present and my future into one project. Or, at least that’s what I think tonight. I could change my mind by morning.

One thing I do know and can share is that I truly believe I have the best job in Canada. And maybe in the US too. We launched Project Porchlight in Vermont this past week and, after kicking off the BC campaign at Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway in BC a week before, I can honestly say that there is universal truth. And here it is: People want to do stuff. They want to be part of something. They want to Believe again. And this little light bulb idea I had gives them that. I’m really proud of that.

And another thing I now know: I will be living in the US within 2 years. I can feel it. Over the past 18 months I’ve traveled extensively, but I have never had such a profound experience of “I must live here” as I did this past week in Burlington, Vermont. Yep, Burlington. What occurred to me while there, and that sums up my feelings is that it’s “PEI, all grown up.” I love my home province dearly, but I don’t think I could live there year round. It’s still a little too isolated, to insecure, wanting to be progressive but still afraid to be. Too, well, how I’ve been a lot of my life. Burlington has a quiet, simple, progressive confidence that impresses me … That I aspire to. That I am increasingly feeling in myself. I’m never going to be a big city guy. But I want to live in a small city that welcomes big thinkers.

The universal reaction I get to this “gotta live in Burlington” feeling is, “yeah, but it’s the US.”

Honestly, I think Burlington is more Canadian than a lot of Canada, including PEI. And CBC TV is among local channels. Montreal is 60 min north on I89. The cabin is 2 hours closer via Maine. Bye-bye Renous.

And, the US has hit rock bottom. Eight years of Bush and there’s nowhere to go but up. Maybe it’s time to buy some stock in America. I have a feeling things will be different in a year or two. They have to be. And Americans really seem to want it to be. Especially in Vermont.

The final sign that I should move my family to Vermont came when I learned about Burlington’s mayor. People say he’s from a new “third” party called the Progressives. I immediately thought, “My God, now I know where the P went when the Conservatives cut it in Canada … “

I gotta move there …

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