Suzy and I are splitting up

Popcorn should always be served in a round-bottomed bowl. Preferably also made of stainless steel.

When screwing red cedar decking to the floor joists, compensate for slight warping by using a 2×4 as a winch between the last board and the crossbeam. Don’t worry about drainage; cedar shrinks as it dries.

The elderberry is ripe in Ottawa, hard on the heels of hazelnut.

Something is released in the back of my head at 6k into a run, especially at night. It’s a good thing.

Simon reacts to school with anger. Jasper with sadness. I understand the latter, and can deal with the former. It took 3 years of weekly therapy to learn both.

And it’s also why my marriage has survived working with my wife. Until now. She’s got a new job. We can look forward to seeing each other at the end of the day again!

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