Bean in stickier situations?

I’m looking for a good slow cooker baked beans recipe, preferably one that includes molasses. I was proud of myself yesterday because I’d gotten organized enough to soak a large bowl of black-eyed beans for a full 24 hours before I carefully layered them with sliced plum tomato, onion and brown sugar and a few healthy chunks of fatty pork tenderloin in my slow cooker. I set it to Low and went to bed, but was horrified to discover in the morning that I’d forgotten to plug it in. Slow indeed.

So I’m ready to try again, but want to use molasses. What a great word! I’m really craving molasses over the past few days. Is that like compulsively eating chalk? Should I get checked for a mineral deficiency, or is it just the fact that the sun goes down at 4:30PM and TV is just So Boring? Suzy’s been away most of this week. Maybe I just need someone to talk to after dark when the kids are asleep and Puddy only wants me for my warm lap.

A quick search brought me to “126 uses of molasses.” I particularly like #30: “To alleviate ear ache, mix with vinegar.” They don’t say if you eat it or put it in your ear, and #94: “Used instead of salt on icy roads.” Sweet!

I have very fond memories of my dad smearing black molasses on fresh bread with butter (butter first!), and in baked beans. Neither application is listed among the 126. I suddenly have a new mission.

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