I. Will. Write.

San Franciso is so awesome. The streets are dry. No need to work out. Just walking gets the heart racing. A street car clanged loudly at me today because I was driving the wrong way in its lane headed steeply down to the bay. Nobody, but nobody, drives a standard.

But I’m tired. After three days of networking, speeches, a CBS interview, and talking in San Diego, I have two more days of the same ahead. And although I love my job, I feel a bit tapped.

But I’m also overwhelmed by how lucky I am. I get to travel all over North America talking to people about how to reach low income and disengaged people with a simple action and the promise of more. It’s super. But I need to go to bed.

Thanks for stopping by. Sometime in the next few months I have to get to the cabin to spend a week with the kids just keeping the wood stove going. Yes. That sounds good. Uhn-huh. G’nite.

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