Or just count sheep

Day five of seven sharing a ski chalet at Sutton, Quebec with the in-laws and cousins over Christmas break. Jasper (8) is on the floor on a mattress beside the bed where Suzy and I are curled up with the Little Monk (Simon, 4). It’s 11:45 PM

“Dad! I Can’t Sleep!!”

“Dude, you just have to close your eyes.”

“No! It’s NOT working! I don’t know what to do!”

“Just close your eyes!! Think about the day you just had on the hill. Your awesome snowboard lesson. Think about the fun we’re having here, and all the family with us.”


“Think about your friends from school back at home. And your hockey team buddies. Think about the Christmas tree that’s all decorated back at the house and if Puddy managed to plug the lights in on her own while we were gone on Christmas day.

Keep your eyes closed!

Think about everybody you love. And how safe it is here in Canada. How lucky we are. And how much we love the cabin in PEI. And what that little yellow bird that we see every spring from the skylight over our bed does in winter. Where does it go?

Think about the Earth. And how small we are in the universe and if there are other planets like ours and if so if they also have snowboards and video games and kids and if we could talk to them what we’d say and if it would make a difference to how we live together here and if they would know how to fall asleep without trouble …”


“Jasper? Jasper??”

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