Welcome to Leesburg, Virginia, the town where the US government retreated when the British (aka Canadians) stormed Washington and burned the White House.

I’m here for two days of facilitated strategic planning — which is more exciting than it sounds when you’re planning to, well, take over the United States. I’m in a Hampton Inn tonight, a wee step down from the Fairmont San Francisco of last week, but I’m not complaining. It’s the crusty remnants of snow banks outside my window that bother me the most. It seems there’s snow everywhere lately. Folks in San Fran were talking about their unexpected Christmas snow, the people I’m meeting tomorrow said that last week was “chaos” and “murder” here because of a sudden storm. The snow has since retreated. North vs South in Virginia. Then there was the conference call with the folks from Kenya this morning, in London for their own planning meetings, delayed because of a UK blizzard.

It’s cold out there.

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