Crying, crying over you!

  1. The double-bagged kitty litter now has to be split between two bags because it is too heavy for the garbage people to pick up curbside. This is too much interaction with Puddy’s sullied clumping gravel. If there’s a lesson here, I’m missing it.
  2. Suzy got her sister JD a ticket to see Leonard Cohen at the NAC in an advance ticket sale. This morning people were lined up to buy tickets when they went on sale for everyone else. Apparently they were sold out upon opening, even online, and are now being scalped on the web for $2000. Upon hearing this, I told Suzy she and JD should cash in, “because you can get 100 tickets to see Platinum Blonde for that price.” But that’s not even true. I didn’t know that the Platinum Blonde guy is dead. Standing in the dark, dark, dark …
  3. Watching Jasper’s hockey playoff game on Friday night, the scuttle of little Novice Bs was screaming down the ice toward my micro-preemie goalie son. Then there was a sudden turnaround. Jasper’s team has won only two games since September, and this was a playoff game. So when they got the puck in a fluke and reversed the play, all us Canterbury parents were on our feet. Suddenly it was a Cyclones surge with wide-open ice.

And then our coaches decided to change-up the line. The kid with the puck was switched off. He left the puck mid-ice just past the blue line and headed for the sudden gap in the boards. Needless to say, the visitors regained the advantage and nearly scored. We all screamed at the coaches. I’m not typically a screamer.

Then I got to thinking: There really is no good time to switch up the lines. The players are tired. It has to be done. But it’s not easy. Sometimes it means a momentary advantage for the opponents, and disarray on the home team. But the goal is to win.

And I sat down and realized I was thinking about work, as I do pretty much all the time, and I understood what I had to do. And that I would probably get yelled at.

But I want to win. And so does the team.

Jasper’s Cyclones took the lead in the third, a squeaker we parents almost blew in the last ten seconds when we started a boisterous countdown. The kids looked up at us, including Jasper, and the puck ricocheted off the post in the last second.

We won!

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