Gordon Brown’s Cuppa

In case you’re ripe for another random strawberry sighting (see below), you may be interested to know that Kellogg’s is running a new contest: Spot the Strawberry. The prize for the contest, which was run on YTV and closed March 23, was a bicycle helmet.

I was just in London, after a few days in Oxford. Yes. Well then. Indeed. One thing the British take seriously is a good hot drink. Perhaps the Prime Minister can get the ball rolling this week in talks with other G20 leaders by insisting that they drink from the same tea pot. After all, a few years ago it was reported that if the British went back to making pots of tea instead of individual cups, 3.5 billion litres of water could be saved per day. Waste is such a pity.

And while they’re at it, the G20 should ban Creamer. Think of it — does the world really need fake cream powder that’s made of petroleum derivatives served in individual pouches? Seriously, how much energy does it take to make, market and transport that stuff just so coffee and tea can sort of taste like it has real cream in it? And who invented that stuff anyway? Surely it was an accidental discovery — some pipeline overheated somewhere in Alaska and the poor line worker got some powdery gunk in his cup that made his Nescafe all kinda milk-like.

I say, leave the powdered stuff for space missions; bring me Bessy. King Cole would have nothing else.

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