Granola with fruit

News flash: There’s something afoot.

You won’t read about this in the papers, or even in the alternative media, but it appears that someone in Ottawa is walking around eating fruit salad carelessly. The woman sitting next to me on the flight from Ottawa to Calgary yesterday told me she too saw a strawberry on the sidewalk, but it was in a different part of town. (See yesterday’s post, below).

I can’t remember the last time I felt so honestly shocked. Someone is trying to change the world one berry at a time.

Her name was Catherine, a wisp of a woman of about 50 with short cropped hair and clunky workboots, wearing an embroidered money belt. I’d noticed her in line at the gate and immediately thought, “God, who wears money belts for domestic flights?” I’m not a talker on planes, but when I found 10C and noticed it was next to Ms. Moneybelt on a full flight she smiled at me and said hello before I even sat down. And strangely enough, I felt like chatting.

Within a minute, though, it got a bit weird. She said I had “good energy” and “clean eyes” and that I probably had “good genes” (I thought of my 95-year-old grandmother in PEI who still plays scrabble and makes a mean roast beef). Then she asked if she could see my tongue. Catherine is a life-long naturopath, something I’ve heard a lot about and have wondered about, but have never pursued. I have friends who seem about 15 years younger since they’ve consulted one, so I decided to let this roll for vanity’s sake. I told Catherine I was ready to learn about Naturopathy. She said, “Oh, you’re so ready. I could tell right away.”

She was very confident and open and it was a fun chat, but by the end of the flight she seemed eager but a little more hesitant to tell me something else. She got out a pad and drew a picture of concentric circles and petals emanating from a central dot. “This is the core,” she said. “It’s who we are. And all the rings are family, work, community, world.” She paused because she was either not sure how to say what she was thinking or maybe she thought she’d gone too far. I waited.

“There’s a new consciousness coming. A leap. It’s like the 100th-monkey effect where monkeys on one island spontaneously start washing their food and within a few days all the monkeys on all the separate islands start doing it without showing or telling each other. There are so many signs that this is about to happen.”

Then she told me she’d seen a strawberry on the street.

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