Green beacon

I get nervous climbing up a ladder to clean the eaves trough on the first floor of my 1.5 storey house.
So, faced with the opportunity to change the bulbs on the Calgary Tower, how could I refuse the chance to get over this base fear?

It really wasn’t so bad. The worst part was climbing the ladder and getting across the threshold of a little window that led to the catwalk along the rim of the tower. Oh, and the wind. And the ice on the catwalk. OK, it was very uncomfortable. But 210 bulbs are changed and there’s no way people in Calgary can miss noticing the Tower tonight. We screwed in green CFLs and they’ll be replaced by white ones in 2 weeks.

That’s $12,000 in energy savings for the Tower, and 105 tonnes of GHG that won’t be burned to keep those lights on.

Funny, though, after a whirlwind round-trip to Pennsylvania, Suzy away for 3 days, my birthday, and now changing the bulbs on the Tower, I’m a bit tired.

That’s enough writing for tonight. Whoa, I just fell asleep at the keyboard. Now, That’s a first!


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