One thing to another.

I’m still learning.

This weekend I discovered that it’s just too risky to try to carry a black garbage bag-full of kitty litter up from the basement and through the house en route to the trash can. Double bag it.

In bed with me now as I write is “Audacity of Hope” and “Tantric Sex for Dummies.” Audacious indeed. With Suzy asleep beside me, it’s probably also hopeless.

I also have some new toys (no, not in bed with me, and not those kind): This new Vaio laptop, and a Buddhist singing bowl with mallet. I can’t make either work properly.

And from the “simplify, simplify” department, check out the Iron Gym. I saw it on in informercial one night when I was jet-lagged and feeling lumpy in an airport hotel somewhere. Now it’s makin’ me buff. But I’ve done too many chin-ups this weekend, and fear that by tomorrow I may not be able to type or get Tantric. I guess that just leaves meditation. Om.

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