More time in the woods, please

OK. By now, nobody’s reading this. No, I’m not calling you a nobody. Thanks for dropping by! Life’s been so busy lately. Too busy. But I’m happiest when I’m writing, so I’m determined to try to tap out some thoughts and observations here.

The big news is that One Change is now a charitable foundation in Canada and the US, endorsed by the UN. And we have some new celebrity help to get the word out. Stay tuned.

These are all great things, but I long for the walking path to the top of the old clearcut, to be caught by surprise taking a deep lungful of mossy forest air. It’s instinctive, that deep breath. A month at the cabin this summer with the kids was a tease. I worry that they’re not getting enough time in the woods to instill the appropriate awe … and the resulting sense of responsibility.

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