Under pressure?

Strange things are happening. Again.

Yesterday. I’m driving. It’s cold and rainy and dark. At 11AM. And I’m thinking: “We gave away 13,000 digital tire gauges this summer, and now that it’s cold and wet, nobody’s going to be checking their tire pressure.”

So I pull into the parking lot at the Starbucks closest to Jasper’s Saturday hockey game. 10 minutes later I’m getting back into the car, lattes in hand, and I notice that four cars over a guy driving an SUV is kneeling by his front tire. Then he attaches a little device the size of a shoe box to his tire, a wire leading into his car. He’s pumping up his tires. I find myself standing, watching, in the rain — my coffee is getting cold. Some random guy just happens to be checking and regulating his tire pressure minutes after I’d concluded that that just wouldn’t happen.

Then, two cars over, a guy calls to me. “Hey, see that? Cool, eh?”

“Yeah,” I say. “Did he have a flat tire?”

“No. He’s just optimizing his tire pressure. Did you know that you can save money and make your car more efficient by keeping your tires properly inflated?”

“Really?” I decided to play dumb. I was actually dumbfounded.

“Yeah! It makes a difference.”

I decided to test this a bit.

“Do you have a tire gauge?” I asked.

“Yeah, a digital keychain tire gauge I got this summer at Canadian Tire.”

I nearly cried. But I still didn’t let on… He continued:

“Keeping your tire pressure up really matters. Now I do it all the time,” he said. “And so should you.”

I looked into my car where a pile of old Psst! One Change: Fuel campaign posters were mangled and scattered across the back seat.

“Thanks!” I said.

Maybe he thought he’d given me a good tip. What I really got was validation.

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