You’re the first to know

If patience is a virtue, how would you describe someone who continues to come back to a blog where the author has not posted in 4 months?

Here’s a reward: This is the first place I’m announcing an exciting news bit: My little NGO has signed Ed Begley Jr. as a US spokesperson! He just seems like the right kind of celeb for One Change, and I only discovered in the last couple of days that in addition to being a pioneer of environmental action, he’s also a board member of the Thoreau Society. (Anyone who was using CFL bulbs in the 70s qualifies as an environmental pioneer).

If Ed Begley Jr. also likes outdoor showers, Concord grapes and stands of regrowth spruce, we’ll not only be co-promoters but pals. We’re spending a couple of days together in late November in New Jersey taping some ads and talking about “simple actions matter.”

I’ve got the best job.

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