Birdseed bars, bad kitty and Joe Who?

Not all posts can be super-duper* when there’s a daily deadline. So here’s a glimpse into my ordinary day, with some links:

– I’m experimenting with recipes for gluten-free protein bars. The first batch of this recipe emerged from the oven last night but were too hot to cut and sample before my killer 5:30 vinyasa core class at Pure (ouch). Later, when Suzy picked me up to take me to a church meeting, I asked her if the bars were good.

“Umm, no.”

So I’ll try this recipe today.

– My friend Anthrodiva (Susan) is one of the smartest and funniest people I know. She sees the irony and the ridiculous in everything, as the best social anthropologists do. Last week when I told her I’m casting about for creative direction and ideas, she said,

“Dude, you need a vision board.”

So I looked it up. There’s a lot of glittery crap out there, but I have had enough experience with randomness to be open to the possibility that you are more likely to get what you seek if you know what that is and consistently visualize yourself having it or being it. This whole thing conflicts somewhat with the notion of mindfulness and presence in the moment, but I figure that as long as my vision process is not focused on material things, it can help clarify my thinking.

I started cutting and writing and pasting and have ended up with a vision wall. Oprah would hate it. It’s supposed to surprise you when you step back and look. Within the first hour I noticed that my wall includes three axes, an incandescent light bulb and a picture of Joe Clark.

– I’m preoccupied by a new project idea. Feel free to steal it because it needs to get done and I’m getting nowhere. It’s built around the following stat: Every year in North America, up to 240 million songbirds die of this one cause. No, it’s not tall buildings or windfarms or planes or pollution. It’s house cats. If you let your furry pal outside, you’re unleashing a killer. There’s a perfect storm here of a project, including an articulate international spokesperson, a simple solution, perfect corporate and NGO partners, and a really fun social media campaign. But I’m working alone in a third-floor office with my indoor-only cat asleep on the chair behind me. I have good ideas but sometimes I feel clawless at implementation.

The spokesperson has an idea too, but it doesn’t fall into my usual “Simple actions” category of possible solutions.

* Super-Duper. After Elite and Super-Elite — The new flight status category on Air Canada. My prediction. You read it here first.



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  • E-bat January 16, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    Old fashioned light bulbs?